Armonk, NY and Copenhagen, Denmark—25 Feb 2009: IBM today announced its membership in the EDISON research consortium, a Denmark-based collaborative aimed at developing an intelligent infrastructure that will make possible the large-scale adoption of electric vehicles powered by sustainable energy.

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Elektro-Autos als intelligente Strom-Zwischenspeicher


Wo der Strom herkommen könnte – mit interessantem Bild zur benötigten Fläche!

The DESERTEC Concept of TREC is to boost the generation of electricity and desalinated water by solar thermal power plants and wind turbines in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and to transmit the clean electrical power via High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) transmission lines throughout those areas and as from 2020 (with overall just 10-15% transmission losses) to Europe.


Electric power customers in Washington DC may not have noticed, but they participated in the world’s first public demonstration of real-time vehicle-to-grid (V2G) today. In a demonstration of V2G sponsored by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, an electric vehicle plugged in at FERC headquarters and received power dispatch commands from PJM, the regional grid operator. The commands were linked to the vehicle through a communication package developed by PHI and University of Delaware. The vehicle, an AC Propulsion eBox EV, responded to the commands by charging or discharging its battery in short bursts that helped to balance supply and demand of power on the grid.

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