LEEV Mobility is developing and marketing innovative light electrical vehicles for personal use in short and medium range.

Applications include inner city mobility, commercial services, and leisure activity.

All vehicles are based on proprietary and patented technologies.

Their first product, the Mantys (www.mantys.com), is a brand new type of powered personal transportation, creating a fun and dynamic yet comfortable ride.

LEEV Mobility
KNSM Laan 131
1019 LB Amsterdam
The Netherlands
T: +43 (0)20 509 1813
F: +43 (0)20 509 1810
W: www.leevmobility.com
E: info@leevmobility.com

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    I saw another version, Australian. about half the price at around $2500, this type you lean left or right to turn left or right, I think mantys you have to press with your right leg to turn left etc. and the Aussie one has a seat for when you have stopped and are waiting for your buddy to take their shot. Apparently you cant sit and drive. Its marketed for younger golfers and its like gliding up or down the fairway. I tried one and it was great. here’s the site http://www.golfskatecaddy.com.au I thought it was cool anyway.

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